Learn one of the oldest classical dance traditions of India

Bharathanatyam is one of the iconic classical dance forms of India that originated in the Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu. It entails a carefully regimented combination of footwork (Nritta), hand gestures (mudras, hastas and viniyogas), torso movements (Karnas) and expressions (abhinayas) documented by the Natya Shastras by Bharata Muni and Abhinaya Dharpana by Nandikeshwara. Through Bharathanatyam, one develops discipline, balance, poise and finesse.

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Free Style

Break the mould… Let yourself free flow!

Freestyle strengthens your body awareness, rhythm, balance, and stamina, which all work seamlessly with your understanding of the music. Dance improvisation can help you bust through mental barriers when your choreography feels stagnant

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Other Services

Corporate Shows


At NatyaTaara, we believe in taking the art to the public to not only entertain but to also engage, connect and build community. If you are a company looking to bring your team together, connect with your clients, or support a charitable cause and looking for a fun way to do it, get in touch with us to organise an event of dance, song and a variety of performances to give your audience a medium to bond!

Wedding Choreography


Weddings are a magical time! Bring to life your dream wedding with the perfect selection of songs and customised choreographies for you, your partner, friends and family! At NatyaTaara we strive to make your special day more special by giving you and your family the picture-perfect wedding celebration!

College Choreography


Are you looking to add more colour and creativity to your school/college’s annual and cultural days? Or are you looking to bag that rolling shield you have had your eyes on for a while? Contact us to give your institution the edge, in giving a standout performance in that competition, or in throwing the best host performances in your own institutions!



A Dance School headed by Ishwarya Balabharthy, NatyaTaara specializes in Dance Training for Bharatanatyam and Cinematic Freestyle (Bollywood), Choreography for Corporate events, Weddings and Sangeets. Ishwarya Balabharthy trains 100 students of more

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